PUBLICATION: Queensland, Australia *WARM EARTH*

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PUBLICATION: Queensland, Australia *WARM EARTH*

Post by Margaret Van Emmer » Wed, 24 May 1995 04:00:00

I found this little gem at the newsagents yesterday:

*WARM EARTH*, a quarterly publication retailing for $3-95 Aust., put out by
Warm Earth Publishers, 'Kiah' Cottage, Kennilworth, Queensland, Australia,
4574.  (Phone from outside Australia +61 74 460457, inside Aus. (074)

The magazine is sharply focused on organic gardening for ordinary people in
Queensland, Australia.  The variation in our climate, from tropical,
sub-tropical, through to arid, and temperate is acknowledged and the
magazine is written accordingly.  

Some of the articles addressed in the issue I bought included:

'Getting your child to appreciate healthy food';
'Easy vegetable growing'
'Layer mulching'
'Vegetable planting guide for autumn'
'Bird and insect preditors for common pests'
'Dry weather gardening' and many more.

As you can see from this sample, many of the topics would be applicable in
areas outside Queensland as well.  Articles such as 'Bird and insect
preditors for common pests' might be a bit more localized though.

The editor assured me that the magazine was not (deliberately) focused at
the 'alternative life style' market, but more for people, particularly
mothers, who saw the benefits associated with growing (and feeding their
children) organic product.  The magazine is also available (including back
issues) from the publisher, details above.  Subscriptions are welcomed.

Regards, Margaret.    

P.S.  I have no association with the magazine other than as a satisfied