New lawn questions, new bed questions

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New lawn questions, new bed questions

Post by James Moo » Thu, 02 Jan 1992 00:28:41

Just before Thanksgiving we had some sewer line work done in our back
yard, and while he was there I had the backhoe operator do a little
terraforming.  Now the furthest half of my back yard is a nice patch of
clay and muck and stones.  The area where the primary work was done has
settled and formed a 18 inch deep depression. This was expected as they
had to dig 12 feet to get to the sewer line!  The excavation also turned
up pieces of the old driveway, some of which is now scattered throughout
this patch.  So one of my summer projects is to transform this area into
a play lawn with a Garden in the corner.  I'd like to start before summer,
but I don't know where to begin.  

So imagine you just moved into a newly built house, and other than having
a bulldozer roughly shape your property, you had to put in a lawn, what
would be your plan of attack?  Remember, there is still a terrace to be
shaped, construction debris to be removed, rocks to be dealt with, and
depressions to fill.  Once you got the area cleaned and shaped, how much
top soil would you add?  In short, just how do you put in a lawn?

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We are also going to put in an herb and flower bed along two sides of
our back patio.  I plan to use PT landscaping timbers (lined on the
inside with 14" flashing to minimize the *** chemicals leaching into
the bed.  Most of the timbers are well seasoned anyway.), and I'll have
to buy whatever I want to fill the bed with because there aren't any good
resources on this property.

Now most flowers require a pretty good soil, but most herbs do best in poor
soils.  How should I fill this bed?  I suppose I could section off the bed
into different qualities of soil and plant accordingly, but I really wanted
to interplant all of the herbs, flowers, and lettuces.

Any suggestions for a topsoil/mulch/sand/peat/manure mix?

Thanks for any advice.
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