brown spot on pepper leaves

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brown spot on pepper leaves

Post by Cathy Quinon » Mon, 01 Apr 1996 04:00:00

Help!  I have a pepper plant (some sort of small hot pepper) in an indoor pot.
 I am very fond of this plant, I started if from seed last fall and now it's
blooming and even has a little pepper on it!  In the last few weeks, I noticed
the tips of the leaves closest to the ground have turned brown, some of these
leaves also have brown, dry spots along the edges.  

I know dry tips often result from dry air, I don't think that's the case (the
ficus is doing beautifully and we have a humidifier).  I water the plant sort
of randomly (ground allowed to dry up between waterings, usually)... this is
not to say it's neglected, all my plants do well with my entropic care
schedule :)  But, in this case, I am stumped: is this nutritional or
environmental?  I've used an indoor plant fertilizer, but again, sort of
I checked my plant books and none of them mentions this problem.  THANKS FOR

Am I insane or do pepper blossoms smell great?  I first noticed this one
evening when this plant had its first batch of flowers.  The smell seems
stronger in the evening and early mornings.

Correction, I AM insane: last night I dreamt of this plant, it had a bunch of
ripe peppers on it.  

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brown spot on pepper leaves

Post by Mark Dodgs » Thu, 04 Apr 1996 04:00:00

Must have been a hot dream (sorry, couldn't resist it).

Mark Dodgson


>Correction, I AM insane: last night I dreamt of this plant, it had a bunch of
>ripe peppers on it.