Hedge recommendations for Hedge Mazes

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Hedge recommendations for Hedge Mazes

Post by Diane J. Donalds » Fri, 23 Apr 1993 22:55:32

My husband and I just bought the lot next to us, which has been a
huge pit for three years when the builder dug a foundation for a house
that he never built.  There is no planting on this lot at all, it's
just one huge pit of clay.  What we'd like to do is fill in the hole
and then plant a hedge maze.  We're trying to figure out the best type
of plant for this.  We want something dense, but slow growing (since we
don't want to have to trim it more than a couple times a year).  The
climate here is hot and humid in the summer, and very occasionally down
to 0 degrees Fahrenheit in the winter, although usually it doesn't go
much lower than 10.

So far we've been looking at boxwoods and yews, especially the columnar
yews.  If anybody has got any suggestions, I'd love to hear them.  E-mail
would be fine.

                                                Diane Donaldson