Happy Holidays!

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Happy Holidays!

Post by Grdne » Fri, 24 Dec 1999 04:00:00

Happy Holidays everyone.  As Ann reminded us, yesterday was the shortest
day of the year which means . . . Spring is around the bend.  I'm taking
this winter to rest up for the new season.  Last year I tore out old
bushes which were too large for the house (taught my 12yo to drive so
she could yank them out w/the jeep) and replanted around 2/3rds of the
house.  I'm deciding what to put in the other 1/3.  I'm expanding it
considerably so mowing will be easier.  The problem is a huge magnolia
that shades most of the area.  I plan to use native plants and mulch
throughout - gotta feed the wildlife ya know.  I'm also planning to put
a path through what we refer to as "the lower 40."  We have a little
over 3 acres and it sure got out of hand these past couple of years due
to lots going on here.  Next year promises to be better!

Well I'm babbling - just e***d to be off from work for a while and
looking forward to seeing all of my bulbs and bushes this spring.

Hope everyone has a terrific holiday and a warm and cozy winter.


Zone 7 Central ***ia
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