Deer proofing the rose garden, part II.

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Deer proofing the rose garden, part II.

Post by Jesse Bloun » Thu, 23 Jun 1994 16:10:59

Earlier in the year, I desperately sought help in the news group
for solutions to the problem of the deer ravaging my rose garden.
With all of the thoughtful responses, the one that seems to have
worked the best is a product called (oddly enough) "Deer
Repellent".  It is a dark brown liquid that is identified on the
plastic container simply as "animal extract".  It smells a lot
like urine, and the nursery owner says she thinks that it is cougar

I put a four foot long Garden stake in the center of each rose
bush, and put a small 3" finishing nail in the end, at right
angles to the stake.  Then I put an 8" piece of string on the nail,
and tied a cotton ball to the string.  That places the cotten ball
at approximately nose height for a four legged, long eared rose
muncher. I then saturated the cotton ball with "Deer Repellent" by
submerging  it in a cup of the stuff.

I am pleased to report that we have not had a deer attack in six
weeks and it is not unusual for them to spend 3-4 hours daily in our
yard, grazing on other non-rose vegitation.  

Lest this seem like a commercial for the "Deer Repellent"
manufacturer, I will not post the name here in the news group.  I
will be happy to give that information to anyone who requests it
by E-mail at my address below.

P.S.  The first blooms of the season were particularly welcome this
year since all of last year's blossoms were eaten by Bambi and


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