Best way to get my new Yew hedge going?

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Best way to get my new Yew hedge going?

Post by Matt197 » Sun, 25 Mar 2012 04:01:36

I've just bought a number of Yew trees, all about 4" in height with a
generous root ball encased in sacking and wire mesh.

Wonding if anyone has any recommendations about planting these? location
is well drained and what looks like a nice quality soil.

- Should I use any particular compost (ericacous [spelling?] has been

- Should I use any feed?

- Should I remove the mesh before planting (It's been suggested not to,
and let it rot)

- Should I adopt any particular pruning technique to get them forming a
hedge as quickly as possible? They are already a reasonable size, but I
don't know if there are any tricks to get them to shoot in the best

I'm planning on planting 2 per metre/3'4"

Any assistance gratefully received.