Help!--Aloe Vera

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Help!--Aloe Vera

Post by scoo » Thu, 01 Apr 1999 04:00:00

hi there. i got a very large aloe vera plant as a gift in october. since
then, i've had about four of the "leaves" droop badly, to the point there is
a "crease" where it bends that looks flatter than the rest of the leaf.

i cut the first one away, thinking it was just an aberration. with these
subsequent ones i find myself trying to prop them up, but it doesn't seem to
be helping.

it came in a plastic pot, which is inside a larger terra cotta pot. i water
it rarely (about once every 3 or 4 weeks) and it sits in a north-facing
window (only one where i had space--it's QUITE large)...

can anyone offer any advice on this? oh, and i believe i am in zone 8...




Help!--Aloe Vera

Post by zoem » Thu, 01 Apr 1999 04:00:00

Here are my thoughts on your aloe vera. I've had one growing for 2
years now, and the thing has suffered through a cross country move,
over watering, underwatering, light and cold damage, and a host of
other terrible things while I figured out what it liked. First, check
the bottom of the pot. Are there roots coming through? It might be time
to give it a bigger home. Second, are you giving it too much light?
Mine definitely did NOT like a lot of direct sunlight; I give it purely
indirect, and other than needing to turn it every once in a while to
keep the leaves open,it grows great. It's not big on any extremes
actually. I keep mine in very light soil, water it about once every two
weeks or if I feel the very inner shoot to be a bit soft. Last, my
mother in law grows another kind of aloe vera outdoors. Mine is pure
green with broad leaves that spread out. Hers has small white spots all
through the tops of the leaves, and have narrow leaves that grow
upright. I know this is more information than answer, but I hope it
helps anyway. Once you get it happy, it should be very low maintenence.
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