Buying Jerusalem Artichokes

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Buying Jerusalem Artichokes

Post by Daniel Princ » Wed, 15 Dec 2004 02:40:59

I want to buy some Jerusalem Artichokes to see if I like eating them
before I plant them.  I have looked at my local Ralphs and my
brother has looked at the local Vons but we did not find any.

Does anyone know where we might find them?  We live in the South
West corner of Los Angeles CA, very near the intersection of the 91
and 110 freeways.  Thank you in advance for all replies.
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Buying Jerusalem Artichokes

Post by HPBudlo » Fri, 17 Dec 2004 14:23:23

I have seen them in LA, but they are not called Jerusalem Artichokes.  They are
called "Sun Chokes."

I probably saw them in Ralphs or Vons, where I usually shop.  But I don't see
them all the time.

If you do decide to grown them, dig a big hole and put a container in it and
plant the chokes in the container. Otherwise they will take over your yard. My
dad used an old tin wash tub. If you like the sun chokes you find, you can
probably plant a few of them and they should grow into plants.