Understanding the different functions of lighting - Using the right light for the job

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Understanding the different functions of lighting - Using the right light for the job

Post by Bryan Morr » Thu, 15 Apr 2004 04:49:53

Understanding the different functions of lighting

Today we are blessed to find a wide variety of home lighting tools to
use to light up our homes and lives.  Each homeowner will seek
different goals about how to enhance certain parts of their home or
yard, but in effect home lighting all starts with understanding what
different lighting does.  Ultimately there are only two kinds of home
lighting.  Lighting that provides light for the purpose of use i.e. to
read by or to see the furniture so that you don't stub your toe.  This
kind of home lighting will be referred too as utility lighting.
Second, lighting that is simply used for decoration.  Candlelight or
gaslight fits into this category for the most part unless one lives in
an area that has no electricity.  Yes, there are still places that do
not have electricity.  This kind of lighting will be referred to as
decorative lighting.the EggLite is excellent for decorative lighting,
because of the variable color lenses.

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Ideally utility lighting can be hidden from view so as to only see the
light produced to enhance and benefit your life activities.  Most home
lighting today does not allow the homeowner to hide utility lights
successfully and therefore most utility lighting needs to be
decorative to at least some extent.  Utility lighting is used in every
house regardless of who built it or who lives there.  It is a part of
our lives but you don't have to have fixtures and such that detract
from good useful light.  To use the lighting fixtures that are
accessible homeowners should define what they want to use the light
for and then seek to find either a light that can be easily hidden or
that looks good.  Realize that utility lighting should help create a
welcome environment (read our other home lighting articles for more
information on this subject).  Lamps are useful in generating utility
lighting that has a decorative look to the fixture but often times not
enough light is produced or the desired effect its not totally

(The EggLite can be used in a utilitarian manner to light up your home
and make it beautiful at the same time.  Light up your Garden with the
Solar EggLite.)

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Decorative lighting can help with emotion or simply enhance your home
and home lighting.  Often candles are used to set a mood or create an
atmosphere.  Home lighting can be significantly improved with the use
of decorative lighting.  Most garden lights are purchased to fulfill
the need of decorative lighting.  Post lights and path lights create a
warm and welcome environment for visitors and friends.  Home lighting
doesn't have to begin and end in the garden.  Inside your home
decorative lighting can perpetuate a mood or relax you after a hard
day at work.  Most people do not think about it but how your home
lighting is arranged can greatly affect many facets of your life
including your health.  Some current lighting trends are moving
towards health lighting and people have always sought the perfect tan
using light.

Ultimately each individual must decide on his or her own home lighting
needs.  We suggest planning and using whatever works to develop a
beautifully lighted home and life.