HELP! Ants farming aphids on my Artichokes!

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HELP! Ants farming aphids on my Artichokes!

Post by Carol Hatch » Wed, 15 May 1996 04:00:00

HELP!!  I am having a problem with ants farming aphids on my
artichokes.  I have tried soap and water, summer oil and Safer's Rotenone and
Pyrethum (my spelling's atrocious here and *these* words aren't in a
dictionary, yet. :-) ) sprays, but there appears to be a nearly infinite
supply of ants to replenish the ones killed.  I have nearly an acre of land
right next to a creek, so trying to kill the ant hills is next to
impossible.  They'll just keep coming and coming and coming...  Anyway, what
I am looking for is a barrior method.  Some way of keeping the ants from
getting to the artichokes in the first place.  I have great success with
tangle foot on my fruit trees, but how would I do something like this for


Carol Hatcher
Fremont, Ca (zone 9)