Make It Grow! Garden software

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Make It Grow! Garden software

Post by John Spic » Tue, 25 Oct 1994 11:43:21

MakeItGrow! 1.1 DEMO

This is a gardening package focused on gardening for food, with pictures of
vegetables, fruit, and herbs. It allows you to plan up to a 200'x200'
garden, with boarders and labels.
It also contains over 150 digitized pictures of plant sprouts at the 2 and
6 week stage, to aid in the identification of your plants.
Information on each plant is included.

The program requires a Mac running system 7, 2MB RAM, and a color monitor.

The DEMO is available via ftp at in the /Dragon_Software
I can e-mail the demo to anyone who does not have access to ftp, by special

The full version (which contains all the pictures, as well as allowing
saves, etc), can be ordered from:
Dragon Software,
2338 Galena Rd. RR#2,
Sooke, B.C., V0S 1N0
or order by phone : (604) 642-4504

Price: $39.95 CAN + $2.50 S&H.


Make It Grow! Garden software

Post by Administrat » Tue, 25 Oct 1994 17:23:21


Does anyone know of a Macintosh landscaping program? Heard there might be one
from a company called Abracadata, but don't know where they are located.
Thanks -- Wendy