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Post by BOURR » Tue, 07 Mar 1995 01:33:00

EE> >I saw artichokes growing at the county fair on Cape Cod

Two years ago I decided to try and grow Globe Artichokes (not
Jerusalem). That year there was only perennial Arti***seed
available.  Last year someone came out with an annual Artichoke:
variety 'Imperial Star'.  The seeds are available from Park Seed.
On April 1st I (2 months before my last frost date) I sowed the seeds in
4"peat pots/jiffy pots. In 10 days, at 70 degrees, my seeds germinated.
On May 30th I put the peat pots in very large terracotta pots. The
reason for planting them in pots and not in the ground was because
Artichokes like the soil warm. My soil up here in Maine takes too long
to warm up to accomodate the temp. needed for vigorous growth. I used a
soil mixture of 2 parts topsoil, 1 part compost/manure and 1 part sand
for drainage. For fertilizer I used fish emulsion. The plants need to be
grown in full sun with the Ph around 7.5 - 8.5 (slightly alkaline soil).
Lastly, they like to be on the moist side. I harvested my first
Arti***on August 15th, 135 days from sowing.  

Best of all they were indescribably delicious!

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