cheap propagating systems for seeding and cuttings

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cheap propagating systems for seeding and cuttings

Post by Sulliv » Fri, 21 Feb 1992 08:16:17

Last year I have terrific luck germinating all my vegetable seeds by
placing them in my little greenhouse on my former
cutting-propagation bench.  I had finally got around to tacking my
heating cables down to the bench and I had all the flats and
six-packs and 4" pots on bottom heat.  I had corn comming up in less
than a week.  In my opinion the faster you can get your seeds to
gernimate, the less likely you will have any rotting, fungus or
damping off problems.  The heat cable came from Park Seed catalog
and cost only about $14 for the longest one.

To do the cuttings, I just placed flats of cuttings (in perlite) on
the heat cables with a jury-rigged mist system.  I just had a
two-way adapter with a fog nozzle in each end, that gizmo screwed
into a 12" pipe which screwed into a hose that was attatched to the
faucted via a Gardena Water timer.  It came on 6 times a day for
about 1 minute.  I had about 100% success with cuttings.

Right now I have the cuttings on the cable bench outside of the
greenhouse with a tent of plastic over it.  I manually mist it just
once a day.   This is working great and I am rooting Penstemon
cuttings in 4 weeks.  The outside temp is dropping below freezing
but it doesn't seem to matter.

When the weather warms up I will have to go back to the overhead
mist as I will need better and better air circulation.  But I always
have my best luck with cuttings in the colder months.

Karen Sullivan

P.S. I do a lot of propagating of California Natives which can be
difficult.  This system seems to work quite well.