Azalea care

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Azalea care

Post by Chris Owen » Tue, 23 May 2000 04:00:00


> Sounds like good advise, Chris. It works, too, but I have a different
> problem that I would like all of y'all to address. I have a gorgious
> red  and a gorgious white azalia growing side by side on the north east
> side of a shed.

> I wanted them to be free spirits  so have done nothing to them but see
> that they have enough water. They are big beautiful and are covered with
> blooms every spring and hold bloom for nearly two months. We have a lot
> of trees and a lot of dried leaves have clung inside them and also
> filtered through to the base of the plants and are thick under the
> canopies. I've always thought that the leaves were a source of food both
> to the leaves and the roots. [?????]

> Year before last i noticed that the white plant had many deformed blooms
> among the thouands of normal ones. the deformed ones were really wierdly
> deformed And I mean *deformed*!! they looked like some spongy growth
> with no patterned shape, some quite large. I took one to the nursery and
> was told the best thing to do was to destroy the plant and get some new
> ones. Those are nearly 20 yrs old and I just can't give up on them. I
> took a bucket and deadheaded all the deformed ones and, of course,
> prayed. Last year I didn't notice any deformed, but after a beautiful
> blooming this year, I noticed still some white there and it was the
> deformed ones.

Hmm, sounds like fungus gall.  Remove all affected blossoms, leaves,
stems.  Rake away all of the mulch, sprinkle some sulphur, and replace
with fresh, sterile mulch.  I've never seen anyone actually CURE this
problem; but, I've seen bushes live with it for years as long as the
owner was diligent about control.  Throw away the affected material and
mulch -- don't compost it.  And, remember to treat your pruners with

Chris Owens