rats rats rats and more rats

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rats rats rats and more rats

Post by abc » Sun, 09 Apr 2000 04:00:00

whats the best way to kill the *** rats in my garden, i am using two big
spring traps at the moment and they work well but i need to crush more.
i went to check my trap the other day and it was about 2m from where i
placed it but all that was in the spring was a tail and leg, do you think a
cat ate it or did it eat itself free..

rats are amazing though, a few years ago my friend and i purchaced a couple
of white rats and made them fight for bets but it was hard to tell the
difference so i made mine black with a marker pen and after about an hour
the rat has cleaned it all off,
I was thinking that as the rat was so efficient at removing ink then i could
tie a load of them onto a plank off wood to clean graffiti of the walls

would this work?.

pied piper


rats rats rats and more rats

Post by Sandr » Mon, 10 Apr 2000 04:00:00

Please go to alt.troll and read the FAQ.  That way you will avoid making
yourself look quite so pathetic.  Better still, go back and finish your
homework.  Maybe one day you will grow up to be something useful.

To the decent people of this newsgroup : I would not normally dignify any
post such as this with a reply, but this child needs help (even as a troll)!

<snip unimaginative, predictable, oh-we-have-heard-it-all-before (yawn)