Exactly how many iPads sold

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Exactly how many iPads sold

Post by Big Crotch on a Small Fis » Thu, 13 Jan 2011 01:24:55


> 1/11/11 1:06 AM:

>>>>>> but I observe the fact that Apple regularly produces the
>>>>>> figures and Amazon never produces the same for the Kindle.

>>>>> But they are going to, just like Apple is "going to".

>>>>> The difference being that Apple actually does.

>>>> Are you claiming Amazon won't?

>>>> History says they won't.

>>> History doesn't guarantee the future.

>> So prove it wrong, then. History dictates that you in the future will
>> continue to lie about people in this group while conjuring up badly
>> thought out trolls that go pretty much nowhere beyond the scope of
>> your own mind and that you will continue thrive on the negative
>> attention of being the group assclown that everyone is laughing at.

>> Prove history wrong! Do it now! Come on!

>> Actually - history firmly promises that you will respond to this post
>> to further illustrate the entire premise above. :)

> Hey, you recently bucked history by noting Steve Carroll's BS whines
> about centered sites jumping was based on his own ignorance.  I was
> impressed. Sure, you felt the need to bring up old issues and troll
> me a bit, but overall you were honest with him about his ignorance.
> It was good to see.

> And since you bucked your history, at least a bit, why don't you think
> others can?

Why do you obsess about Steve in your every post?

You Ain't the Biggest Fish in the Crotch