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The RMBE is open for membership, and registerying rodentries, rats and
litters!  Please check out the website for more info!


Can you imagine breeding dogs or cats without knowing their ancestory
or how that background will affect the next generation's health,
tempermentand appearance? What would cats and dogs be like today if no
records were kept.... If there was no knowledge of which animals
carried a particular colour, which lines were friendly or agressive,
which lines were prone to cancer or hip disorders and which were long

We feel that for too long, rats and mice(particularily in the USA) have
been bred, sold and the offspring bred without a central registry to
check the traits in the animals' background.

We believe that a central registry is one of the most important
contributions a club can make to the future of a fancy- Our registry
not only records cosmetic issues of colour and marking- but of
longivity, health and temperment as well. We want this to be the most
COMPLETE and USEFUL resource available to fanciers.

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