Baby Endo

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Baby Endo

Post by Grace_E.. » Wed, 06 Nov 1996 04:00:00

Baby is follows me like a puppy around the house when I get home from
work.  Afraid of heights, he will not step down any steps to follow me
..the outcome of his E-cuniculi 2 years ago.  He survived with a very-
very slight head sway.

Baby snorts and thumps, of course he has full run of the house and
his own room.  He doesn't realize that now he has kidney disease.
All he feels is a constant thirst in his mouth.

Its been six months since he lost his friend "Spanky" (my other
bunny).  He still jumps into Spanky's hay bowl and "chins" it.
Baby sits in front of Spanky's picture I put on the floor by his cage.

"Baby" gets daily injections of saline solution subcutaneously
and 1 cc of amphogel to control his calcium levels.  I am taking
care of a bunny for a friend until she is adopted,
which has brought "Baby's" spirits up enormously.

My siamese sable netherland dwarf is about 7.5 years old.
He currently has a problem eating hard dry foods likes his pellets.
Baby is eating melted pellets in his mixed vegetable baby food along
with various fruits: peeled grapes, watermelon, oranges, and tangerines.
I have to be very careful of his calcium intake.  My vet told me that
baby food is not good for him because of the sugars and no hard
substance for his teeth.

I leave carrots, kale a broccoli out for him everyday, but he does
not touch it.  He used  to, but he got tired of it after a month.


Does anyone know of a recipe that I can "whip" up for "Baby" that
would be balanced when I add his pellets.  Possibly a mixture of
certain vegetables or fruits and hay?  Of course something that
you have experimented with and have had good results.