Adopted a what?

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Adopted a what?

Post by Thump » Sat, 04 Mar 1995 08:01:24

I have recently adopted a bunny from a family whose dog was allergic to it and
thus, they were getting rid of it.  It is a pure black lop (no idea what
kind), and is a year and a half old.  I haven't spoken at all with the
previous family, but was told that he was litter trained.  He is pretty good
most of the times, but from time to time, he will drop pellets, and a good
amount of them in one spot.  He recently started to drop them outside of his
litter box (he has his own little room).  He also has a problem with jumping
behind our refridgerator and nibbling a bit.  He also will nip at my pants
and shirts (is this just affection?).  Last question is how do I help Casper
adjust to his new home?  We have a two and a half year old, who is pretty
good with him (the rabbit is used to kids) now that I've dumped all my
questions on ya'll ... anyone have any suggestions?