Crazy Rabbit

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Crazy Rabbit

Post by Sameer Man » Fri, 03 Dec 1993 07:49:07

My sister recently got a rabbit (she calls it a dwarf something)
anyway the problem is that likes to chew on the wire cages.
We put one of those sticks that you can buy at the petstore but
it ate that think in less then 2 weeks. Finally I got a block of
uncured/untreated wood which I soaked in salt water for about a
week or so. and put the block in the cage.

It seems to like the block, but it still likes to chew on the cage,
what gives? how can I prevent it from trying to make a jailbreak?
My sister lets it run around in the living room about 2-3 hours a
day. so I'd guess its getting out enough.

Any suggestions?


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