Blogging about rabbit care.

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Blogging about rabbit care.

Post by Bruce Atchison - autho » Sun, 24 Mar 2013 03:12:34

Hi folks;

I hope you don't mind me telling you about my blogs from time to time. I
only do it when I write about rabbits and their care.

I wrote today about canned pumpkin and how rabbits adore it. Mark sure loved
his daily serving of it. I miss the way he got all worked up and e***d
when he knew the bowl was coming.

I hope that my humble effort at informing the public about rabbit care will
pay off. Too many people still buy a rabbit on a whim from pet stores and
then lose interest a few weeks after Easter. How I wish that this nonsense
about the Easter bunny had never been started. Perhaps my posts might reach
somebody who will continue spreading the word about house rabbits.


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