New bunnies/old bunny question

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New bunnies/old bunny question

Post by Phil Ha » Fri, 25 Nov 1994 03:17:06

>When we do get Arthur fixed, will most of this behavior calm down?  I
>should think that he won't be trying to mate with them if he's fixed,
>but should they get along?  

We've recently had a male neutered and it doesn't really curb their
voracious *** appetite, but of course they haven't got anything
left to fire, so it's not really a problem. The females (who are
invariably tarts) will love the attention, but it will give them
phantom pregnancies and if housed together you might find that they
fight. Eventually, Arthur will lose his smell and much of his
inclinations, but he'll still be a male bunny at heart.

>Also, Miranda the Dutch is having very soft and messy stool.  I'm guessing
>this is just because of a change in environment and eating habits (most
>of what was in the stool in pieces were pieces of green vegetables that
>we had given them last night), since it can't be the food as Saffie seems
>to be fine (and adorable!).  

I would be a little concerned about undigested food in the faeces,
this could be something similar to what guineas get, called
scowering (?). I would take her to the vets. It might just be a
change of diet and a change of environment, but don't take any

>But, Miranda seems to drop when she hops too.
>As she bounces energetically around the room, she leaves small dry dropping
>(like normal ones) behind her, though she's not sitting and going to the
>bathroom.  It seems like her bowels are loose or something.  

This is perfectly normal, if you ever see rabbits running about in
the garden, this is common. It's almost a form of marking
territory. Try putting a litter tray down or a sturdy box with
some newspaper in it. She'll start going in there.

Hope this is some help

Phil Hall,
my favourite movie is HARVEY.