mellow bunnies to adopt

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mellow bunnies to adopt

Post by Mary Johnso » Tue, 11 Feb 1997 04:00:00

If you live in the Puget Sound area of WA state
and are looking to adopt a bunny, we have three
mellow nine-week old bunnies and their mom, who
we found wandering in our neighborhood.

These are very friendly rabbits who have been
raised in our bathroom (yes, facilities have been
a little tight around here!) They like to be
held and, when we let them out in our living
room they frolic and jump and then climb all
over whoever is lying on the floor.

We would really like to place them as houserabbits,
so the usual warnings about making a long term
commitment apply. They are young bunnies and will
chew wood and electrical cords, so be prepared.

To the best of our ability at this tender age, we have
determined that there are two boys and one girl and
the mom. One boy is brown with little black tips on
his ears that look like they might lop over a little
as he matures. The other boy and the girl are gray
and the mom is butterscotch and white.

If you are interested please respond by email. We are
in Everett, WA. There is a photo on the PAWS Virtual
Shelter Web page showing all five from this litter.
(Two were adopted already.)