Help, sick rabbit

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Help, sick rabbit

Post by The Frompe » Wed, 17 Jan 1996 04:00:00

I am sorry to hear about your bunny's trouble.  You should definately not wait
to see the internist, get you bunny to a rabbit specialist IMMEDIATELY!
Have the vet X-ray your bunny.  Also, try a shot of a cortico-steroid. This
will bring down any swelling on the spinal column if there is any.  Your bunny
has either seriously hurt his back or he may have Pasturella. This is one
symptom of Pasturella.  This is what happened to my bunny.  Two things that are
in your bunny's favor, 1)  There are no other symptoms.  I could be wrong
about this if you have not reported them.  Look for nasal discharge, runny eyes,
labored breathing.  2)  When this happened to my bun, it was almost immediate.
From the time his nose started to run and he started to limp, he died three
days later.  Your bun has already done MUCH better than this.

You have a decision to make, depending on you bun's diagnosis.  If he does not
get better, you will have to decide whether to live with a paralyzed bun.  
Things to remember, he can not feed or clean himself, you must fo this for
him.  He also can not scratch an itch.  However, if the bunny is not in
pain, many
of them can live out a normal lifespan with additional care.  If given enough
attention and care is taken to vary his surroundings and toys, he may be
happy, though frustrated (at least at first)  Bunnies are very adaptable.

Many people will give you strong opinions on what you should do.  You know your
bunny best.  You will have to decide what is best of him. This is not an easy
decision. I don't envy you-Lucky took that decision away from me. Remember,
go with what your heart says.  Don't let anyone else guilt you into a decision.
Only you know your bunny.

If you need any help or info, let me know.  I began to collect some before
Lucky died.

Good Luck to you and you bun.  Let me know what happens.

Stacey, Twinkie and Zinger