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Post by Edward Wit » Sun, 13 Jul 1997 04:00:00

Now you can get new plans to build a Cable Descrambler System, US and UK

This is not the origonal Radio Shack plan (now obsolete), but a choice of
six new up to date plans designed to work on any cable box in any area.
Just send me details of which cable box you have and in what area you
reside as the plan needed will vary area to area, and you will be able to
view all premium and pay per view channels.

It works on all Cable Tv Systems. The parts to make the box cost
appoximately $15 (depending on the plan) and you can find them at any local
electronic part supplier( US Residents will be supplied with radio shack
part numbers).  British Sky Cable descrablers cost approx 20 Pounds.
Remember this is for educational purposes only,  you still have to pay for
the channels you view.  I have to say that to protect myself for any

  For the Plans just send $ 2  or 2 Pounds to:

        Ed Hacker
        409 Adams Street # 7
        Hoboken, NJ 07030

The reason I charge two dollars is for the stamp, envelop, and paper your
plans are on. I am doing this for you not for me to make money. Lets get
real you cant buy much for two bucks. I am not in this for the money but to
get back at the cable companys that over charge people.

CABLE HANDBOOK ( Additional $2 )

Everything you ever wanted to know about cable boxes. Includes a cross
reference list for upgrading your box using upgrade converts, cubes,
plug-in activators and service code-generators. Also explains general cable
operation, this handbook is very COMPLETE, a must have!


Turn on all your premium channels with nothing to buy.

The Notch Filter

A notch filter allows you to selectively descramble channels. For instance,
if HBO is on channel 7 and Cinemax is on channel 14 or pay-per-view is on
22, you may build a notch filter to descramble each of those channels. This
method is fairly simple to build; However, it requires several more parts
than the Fif*** Dollar Box. This system will work on your cable system, no
matter what frequency your cable system operates on. A cable box is NOT
REQUIRED, and parts cost in the range of $25-30 depending on how many
channels pay channels you wish to descramble. NOTE: I used channel 7,14 and
22 as an example. Your premium services may be on other channels and the
notch filter can be built for whatever channel your premium services are
on. (between the range of 2-22) Parts can be purchased from a electronics
wholesaler/retailer in your phone.

The Gated Sync is the Grand Daddy of descramblers (in band and out band).
It can be configured to operate on your cable systems frequency. This
system is for the serious home electronics buff. It is a bit more complex
to build; However, it sells for a lot of money. And, it will descramble
EVERY channel.

SSAVI was created by Zenith, and used by many Zenith converters. The system
is very difficult to build, but it will descramble EVERY channel, and also
sells for a lot of money. Novices should not attempt to build the SSAVI


What is a Descrambler?

A descrambler is a device that restores the picture and sound of a
scrambled channel. In most cases, ALL channels which are scrambled will be

Are Descramblers legal?

YES! It is legal to build, sell, ship, use, and own a descrambler; However,
when you use a descrambler, it is your responsibility to notify the cable
company that you are accessing their signal.

Do I need a converter from my cable company?

In most cases NO. A cable ready VCR or TV will work.

Is it difficult to build a descrambler?

Turn me on, the Fif*** Dollar Box, the Oak converter and the Foil method
are very simple methods! The instructions provide step by step
instructions. No special skill or knowledge are needed. The Notch filter is
still fairly simple. The Gated Sync is not for the beginner, it requires
electronics knowledge.

Can I build more than one?

YES! You may build as many descramblers as you want! They are legal to sell
and demand fairly high prices!

Just send me details of which cable box you have and in what area you
reside as the plan needed will vary area to area
For the Plans just send $ 2  or 2 Pounds to:

        Ed Hacker
        409 Adams Street # 7
        Hoboken, NJ 07030