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(Prono 2007 n°16) - Vuelta a Espa?a

Post by Coatlu » Sun, 02 Sep 2007 06:55:46

interest rates. [the
*   presidential campaigns are in their final stages between Dole and Clinton
*   at this time]
*   The Federal Reserve Board is expected to raise interest rates now that
*   unemployment has reached 5.1 percent, so that the number of unemployed
*   people will go up.

#   Tom Tomorrow
#   Since the time in the 1970s when President Nixon ordered a nationwide
#   salary freeze to combat inflation, the Federal Reserve Board has
#   manipulated interest rates so that approximately 5 to 6 million people
#   are purposely kept unemployed at any given time.


You mean the government purposely keeps millions and millions and millions
of people unemployed at any given time, yet put time limits on welfare?

I don't recall hearing that in the public debate.

Question:   What will poor people who can't get
            jobs do when their welfare runs out?
            Keeping in mind that the government purposely
            keeps approximately 5 to 6 million people unemployed.

Answer:     Increasing crime, increasing tension and conflict with police
            departments, some rioting, and politicians banging the Drum of
            War to take stronger police and monitoring actions. "Law & Order"

Stronger police action mainly against black people.


This monitoring discrimination of blacks is demonstratedly nationwide.

Therefore, it is also a smoking gun for arguing
for retention of affirmative action programs.

You don't really think it's just law enforcement, do you?


: "Lock 'em Up", The Washington Post, 5/19/96
: Harvard economist Richard Freeman thinks it's ironic that proportionally
: more people are in jail in the Land of the Free than in any other nation
: on Earth. The U.S.A. has FIVE TIMES the incarceration rate as the United
: Kingdom, Germany or France.
: Freeman says that prison is emerging as America's