Xavan pond liner/ pond lights

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Xavan pond liner/ pond lights

Post by Davi » Tue, 22 Jul 2003 06:53:28

I am considering using the tetrapond Xavan liner instead of a Butyl liner.
The main reason for this is the weight issue, overall I going to need about
9m x 8m of liner.

Has anyone had experience of Xavan, in particular they claim that given its
strength it doesn't need an underlay, this helps keep the price in balance.

I am also looking for some under water pond lights that have an outside
transformer and can connect into the same block as the pump etc.  The only
ones I have found arethe OASE.  These appear expensive, are these worth the
extra as compared to other makes.




Xavan pond liner/ pond lights

Post by Cha » Wed, 23 Jul 2003 02:12:58

I have only tried epdm liner, so I have no help there.  As for lights,
the OASE lights are really nice.  Espcially the Lunaqua if you are
looking for more of an area light.  I also have a underwater flood
light from Malibu that works quite nice.  Picked it up at HomeDepot
for somewhere around $25 - $30 and it hooked right up to my existing
landscape lighting transformer.