Don't Get Caught Molesting Children

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Don't Get Caught Molesting Children

Post by Fweddie is so owned he weeps, foams and forges on Usenet 20 hours/day...but he claims to have a *life* OFF of Usenet [LOL!! » Mon, 10 Jul 2006 05:26:18

Fweddie wept:

>   Mabey today the sun will come out.

> I'm owned.

> Can't believe I claimed to "have a life off of Usenet"
> while admitting to being a "prolific poster" that posts
> nonstop 20 hours a day. Every waking moment.


  "You brought me here. Damn! I'd better haul my ass on out of here.
I'm scared now. it's hands (posts off for me). kill file." [Date: Jan,
      ~Fred (Ready to Bawl) Hall, admitting to being a controlled,
blistered and owned pawn - a scared pawn...too spanked to do as s/h/it