road states below the fatal analyst

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road states below the fatal analyst

Post by Joaquim.Wellm.. » Thu, 23 Aug 2007 17:02:15

the best meat prod-ucts are fish and fowl, free of hormones.
Avoid foods containing refined flour products, white sugar and white
rice. These nutrients also acidify the *** and body. Avoid processed
& radiated foods, and foods which contain colorings or flavorings.

Unfortunately, it is not easy to come by good, clean water. Tap water
is full of harmful substances, such as fluoride, chlorine and
aluminium. It is advisable, especially for drinking & to use purified
water from bottles or containers. You can also purchase a good water
filter. It is more difficult to come by fresh air. You can, how-ever,
go to a wooded area or the beach for the exer-cise you need. Exercise
(in moderation) is important. It increases the heartbeat, stimulates
the circula-tion and strengthens the muscles. It also deacidi-fies the
***. Most importantly, it should form a part of your daily routine,
and preferably a pleasur-able part.

The idea that urine is a poisonous waste product is not based upon
fact. It has been scientifically proven that, besides water, urine
consists mainly of minerals, hormones and enzymes whic