Painting child's wading pool.

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Painting child's wading pool.

Post by David Alvin Besl » Fri, 26 Jul 1996 04:00:00

I'm thinking of using a child's plastic wading pool as a cheap pond
for my turtle.  The only problem is that I can't seem to find one
in an acceptable colour.  Anyway, I was wondering:

1) Can these things be painted? What kind of paint would be good to

2) I'm not sure what kind of plastic they're made of, but I do remember
people in this group mentioning kinds of plastic that won't stick to
anything.  I suspect the wading pools are polyethylene, polypropylene,
or something like that.  Anyone know what common plastics can and can't
be painted?

I'll probably mostly fill it with gravel, but I don't really want neon
coloured plastic showing through.  
If anyone's wondering why I'd like to use a wading pool, I would need
to buy a rectangular piece of EPDM 7' x 10' to get the same size pond.
(It only comes in 10' widths at local stores).  This would cost me
about $70 (Can) at Home Depot.  A 5' diameter x 1' deep wading pool
is only $10 (Can).  Plus, you can get wading pools with little slides
built in which would be just perfect for the turtle (although if it
costs me $5 or $10 extra, I probably wouldn't bother).  BTW, I guess
it's obvious by now that I'm an incurable cheapskate do-it-yourself
type of guy, so there's probably no point in posting a bunch of those
"do it the right way even though it costs you tons of money you'll
be happier in the long run, blah blah, blah."




Painting child's wading pool.

Post by Jo Anne Slave » Sun, 04 Aug 1996 04:00:00


> I'm thinking of using a child's plastic wading pool as a cheap pond
> for my turtle.

much snipped...


For our first pond, we used vapour barrier - the stuff you buy at Beaver
Lumber when you need to insulate your ba***t. It comes in a roll 8'
wide by about 50?' long, and costs about $30. We used a double thickness
of the stuff, and underneath it we put a layer of black plastic garbage
bags, for "colour".

The reason we used this stuff was that we were too cheap to buy a real
pond liner at the time. It worked great, started to look half-decent
after about 3 weeks, and it lasted 2 years. Then we were hooked on ponds
and forked out for the REAL liner.

IMHO, this is a better cheap pond than a wading pool.

Jo Anne