kopiowanie w Cronie

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kopiowanie w Cronie

Post by Miros?aw Cichock » Sat, 26 Jan 2008 05:11:05

does not depend on the
heart. And thus the clear prediction of the time, and the obscure prediction
of the blessings, deceive the wicked alone.

759. Either the Jews or the Christians must be wicked.

760. The Jews reject Him, but not all. The saints receive Him, and not the
***-minded. And so far is this from being against His glory, that it is
the last touch which crowns it. For their argument, the only one found in
all their writings, in the Talmud and in the Rabbinical writings, amounts
only to this, that Jesus Christ has not subdued the nations with sword in
hand, gladium tuum, potentissime.[153] (Is this all they have to say? Jesus
Christ has been slain, say they. He has failed. He has not subdued the
heathen with His might. He has not bestowed upon us their spoil. He does not
give riches. Is this all they have to say? It is in this respect that He is
lovable to me. I would not desire Him whom they fancy.) It is evident that
it is only His life which has prevented them from accepting Him; and through
this rejection they are irreproachable witnesses, and, what is more, they
thereby accomplish the prophecies.

By means of the fact that this people have not accepted Him, this miracle
here has happened. The prophecies were the only lasting miracles which could
be wrought, but they were liable to be denied.

761. The Jews, in slaying Him in order not to receive Him as the Messiah,
have given Him the final proof of being the Messiah.

And in continuing not to recognise Him, they made themselves irreproachable
witnesses. Both in slaying Him and in continuing to deny Him, they have
fulfilled the prophecies (Is. 60; Ps. 71).

762. What could the Jews, His enemies, do? If they receive Him, they give
proof of Him by their reception; for then the guardians of the expectation
of the Messiah receive Him. If they reject Him, they give proof of Him by
their rejection.

763. The Jews, in test