The parsifal netKKKop Problem (was: Re: Tyranny Always Comes From the Left - ALWAYS!

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The parsifal netKKKop Problem (was: Re: Tyranny Always Comes From the Left - ALWAYS!

Post by bobandcarol » Fri, 29 Jun 2007 22:18:18


> > The entity that calls itselfBobandCaroleis a real problem in many
> > groups; it x-posts all over the place with homophobic, racist, and
> > generally anti-everybody acrimonious, hateful rants.  It claims to be
> > religious, but it follows a religion of hatred.

> > They/he has recently has posted that his children were sent to
> > religious schools; therefore he/they probably attended religious
> > schools.

> > Bingo!  He/she/they was probably ***ly abused at school.  This is
> > the origin of the hatred for gays, because ***ity and
> > *** have become mixed up in a warped mind.

> > So I actually pity this troll who has such a compulsion to seek out
> > everyone it hates.  Sheesh, the troll posts to Usenet groups I had
> > never heard of.

> > Will ignoring the troll make it go away?  Probably not, as this is a
> > deep-seated problem.  The troll may not even conscious of the abuse;
> > buried memories of atrocities are real.  But not responding will make
> > it less active.  We're dealing with a very sick person here.

> > Medusa aka Brindal

> Another solution is to simply report his postings to google abuse.
> Last week, I managed to have one of his accounts closed.

So you admit you are a *** netKKKop. How pathetic and
impotent you are.

>Whenever this
> moron posts something offensive, simply report it.
> Don't try to reason with him: we're obviously dealing with a very
> disturbed person. Considering how many postings he sends every day and
> when: it's obvious that he's also very lonely.


>But these are no
> excuses for his attitude.

Or your cowardly ways, ***