Earthquake in Seattle

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Earthquake in Seattle

Post by glynn paulse » Sat, 03 Mar 2001 06:08:38

From my daughter's swingset I can see the SeaTac International Airport.
Weird to see all the people evacuated to the loading area and the planes
diverting last minute elsewhere.

Our three year old daughter was angry that the earth jumped up and knocked
her juice cup and cheese out of her hands.  We were just getting into our
car to go to Burien.  When she asked for an explanation I told her it was an
earthquake.  That made no sense to her so I told her the earth burped.  She
understood that one and asked if it had bad gas.  I said "Yes" and we prayed
that the gas was relieved enough to not happen again.  Thankfully there have
been no aftershocks.

We've been in earthquakes in LA and San Diego area.  This one was
different -- more up and down, less side to side.  Strange to have no after

We got our two oldest from school early as power and phones were out.

We're praising God that our home, family and animals are all fine.

My brother who works in a skyscraper downtown said they had to evacuate by
elevator because the stairs were too badly cracked.

Southcenter and Northgate Malls are closed with security all around until
structures can be evaluated and power is restored.

Best regards,


Earthquake in Seattle

Post by MJMcDevi » Sat, 03 Mar 2001 12:50:02

Glad to hear everthing worked out for you. Praising God does help ;)
Pray for those who were not as fortunate