REQ: Advice 're Feeding Soft Shell (trionyx) Turtle

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REQ: Advice 're Feeding Soft Shell (trionyx) Turtle

Post by cURIO » Tue, 06 Jun 2000 04:00:00


I recently purchased a 10" diameter sized soft shell trionyx turtle here
in San Diego from a local pet store.

Habitat is a 1,200 gallon outdoor, plastic liner, pond maintained with a
UV and biological filter system.

The soft shell, call him/her "Buster", seems to have settled in here and
passed  a veterinarian's exam as OK and healthy.  He/she coexists with a
"painted turtle", 10 koi, 80 + fresh water minnows, fresh water shrimp
and polliwogs in a pond populated with water plants

Though Buster's sleeping and sunning behavior appears normal based upon
the articles I've read, his observed eating rate/volume seems too low or
small as compared to his painted turtle side kick.  Though he will eat
'some' freeze dried shrimp, large & small earth worms and meal worms
tossed in his direction, his response seems unenthusiastic. Floating
"turtle pellets" are ignored.

Buster seems to sleep/rest most of the night "buried" in his
small-pea-gravel lined pan, which sits supported just below the surface.
Activity during daylight seems to  consist of sunning and gently
cruising or resting along the bottom of the pond.

Though I have once seen just how amazingly fast this soft shell turtle
can move underwater, I've never seen Buster chase after or catch & eat
any of the large or small fish around him.

Would appreciate your comments and suggestions regarding food and
feeding options and any other advice to help me make Buster's existence
a long & healthy one.


Stan Gotch
Amateur Pond Enthusiast
San Diego, CA