User instructions for Aquaking PF30 Filter

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User instructions for Aquaking PF30 Filter

Post by DorsetDav » Tue, 19 Mar 2013 01:13:56

I need user instructions for an Aquaking PF30 pressurised filter unit.

It is a brand new unit and I should explain the reason why I havent got

Last September we decided to get our 6 x 4 ft pond enlarged and deepened
so we looked at Checkatrade and chose a local outfit to do it.

It turned out to be a one man band and the pond was only finished at the
beginning of this month. I know the wet weather was against him but we
had the devils own job to get him to finish the job. Our phone calls and
emails were never answered and he always had an excuse. One problem that
cropped up was the new liner kept "Blowing" as I call it with water
getting underneath. Eventually, at extra expense, he put in a land drain
and manhole and pump to get rid of the excess water.

He put in a new stone waterfall and a pressurised filter/uv pump . Since
the pond has been finished he just won't answer our calls/emails again
for us to get the user instructions for it. I got the details of the
filter from the outside of the unit.

The filter I had before was an ordinary box type open one so I have no
experience of what to do with this round pressurised type. I tried to
find details online but couldnt locate a manufacturers website as I know
with many products these days the user instructions can be downloaded
off the internet.

Incidentally we have had a lot more rain recently and having clay soil
the ground water has run off into the pond and made it very cloudy - is
this dentimental to the fish (Koi and Goldfish). [We havent had chance
to returf the mess the chap made round the pond to date]

Hope someone can give me advice/help - Thanks