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own good, with a sincere tenderness for them
during their ingratitude, and warns them that the spirit is willing and the
flesh weak.

Jesus, finding them still asleep, without being restrained by any
consideration for themselves or for Him, has the kindness not to waken them
and leaves them in repose.

Jesus prays, uncertain of the will of His Father, and fears death; but, when
He knows it, He goes forward to offer Himself to death. Eamus.96 Processit

Jesus asked of men and was not heard.

Jesus, while His disciples slept, wrought their salvation. He has wrought
that of each of the righteous while they slept, both in their nothingness
before their birth, and in their sins after their birth.

He prays only once that the cup pass away, and then with submission; and
twice that it come if necessary.

Jesus is weary.

Jesus, seeing all His friends asleep and all His enemies wakeful, commits
Himself entirely to His Father.

Jesus does not regard in Judas his enmity, but the order of God, which He
loves and admits, since He calls him friend.

Jesus tears Himself away from His disciples to enter into His agony; we must
tear ourselves away from our nearest and dearest to imitate Him.

Jesus being in agony and in the greatest affliction, let us pray longer.

We implore the mercy of God, not that He may leave us at peace in our vices,
that He may deliver us from them.

If God gave us masters by His own hand, oh! how necessary for us to obey
them with a good heart! Necessity and events follow infallibly.

"Console thyself, thou wouldst not seek Me, if thou hadst not found Me.

"I thought of thee in Mine agony, I have sweated such drops of *** for

"It is tempting Me rather than proving thyself, to think if thou wouldst do
such and such a thing on an occasion which has not happened; I shall act in
thee if it occur.

"Let thyself be guided by My rules; see h