~~Planting Tropical Lilies and Bog Plants~~

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~~Planting Tropical Lilies and Bog Plants~~

Post by JLarson7 » Thu, 04 Apr 1996 04:00:00

~ ~ Planting Tropical Water Lilies and Bog Plants ~ ~

Here are some tips for anyone that wants to plant tropical water lilies or
bog plants.

Tropical plants do best in water 70 or higher, however, they will survive
in lower temperature water.  Use large enough containers filled 2" from
the top with rich soil. Fertilize, using one Planttab for each gallon of
soil. Tropical lilies are planted in the middle of the pot with the roots
buried in the soil.  Be careful not to cover the crown of the plant. Cover
the soil with 1" of gravel.  Tropical lilies can be placed in water 6" to
18" deep. Bog plants are placed 1" to 3" deep

For a picture on planting tropical Lilies and Bog Plants check our our web

Web site: http://www.jbic.com/lilyblooms/index.htm