Kinda OT, Eagles & Crows

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Kinda OT, Eagles & Crows

Post by a425coupl » Tue, 05 Jun 2012 00:45:02

A rather obvious observation,
A bald eagle is not fond of having a crow harassing it,
but he gets seriously disturbed when 4 crows set about
the task of chasing him off.

Obvious, but still quite interesting to watch this morning.
The eagle first flew off to a fairly normal for
him spot, on a branch about 40' up in a
tree.  But soon realized that sitting there
he was open to the harassing attacks from
every possible direction!

Next he tried sitting on a log on the lake.
That was a bit better, only half the
possible angles (sorta even less than that,
as the very steep downward attack flights
were probably diminished).

But finally, chose to just leave!
The constant trade-offs = energy & speed
and ability to change directions.