Hydrocotyle, not?

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Hydrocotyle, not?

Post by Tony Sander » Sun, 19 Jan 2003 16:00:48

My local pet superstore - one of the few here in little, old New
Zealand - responded to my request for hydrocotyle and I duly returned
to them to get some.  The type they had received, however, did not
resemble the hydrocotyle I had been used to using in earlier pond
projects - commonly referred to as Pennywort.  The round, dollar-like
leaves at the end of a longish stem do not feature.

Instead, the leafes are elongated, in pairs along the stem with a
tendency towards a red pigmentation in leaves above the surface.  The
pre-printed point-of-sale material assured me it a was a hyrdocotyle
(species?) but I am not convinced.

I git some and it is settling into the biofilter pondlet, but I really
do want the pennywort rather than this less alluring relative - if it
is, indeed, a relative.

I am told that there are 9 (or so) specied of hydrocotyle - could it
be that one or other species do not display the typical pennywort
structure.  Can't find details of hydrocotyle other than that with a
pennywort structure on the 'Net.

ANyone listening in the know who can advise me if the shop has got it
right or wrong.

Tony Sanders
New Zealand/Aotearoa