Koi are 'tail dancing' or 'jumping'

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Koi are 'tail dancing' or 'jumping'

Post by Robert Fren » Sat, 23 Aug 1997 04:00:00

My wife and I are amazed and amused by what we witnessed today.  My
two koi were 'tail dancing'.  

The description is they would force themselves about 1/2 a body length
out of the water, under a rock ledge over the pond.  They would stay
out of the water for about 2 -3 seconds before droping back down and
starting over abain.  I think they were trying to eat something from
the looks of it.  This lasted about an hour  tonight and was very
amusing to watch.  The whole thing started with the red koi who did
this dance for about 15 minutes when suddenly from the depths of the
pond came our 'grey ghost' who started doing the same thing.

It is now two hours after the beginning of the dance and all is quiet
on the home front.  Anyone ever witness this before (I'm sure someone
has!)  I only wish I had a video camera...I bet I could have won
America's Funniest Home Videos contest with this thing.

Bob French