Forwarded Post - Grey Available for Adoption

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Forwarded Post - Grey Available for Adoption

Post by Nathan Schulma » Thu, 11 Dec 2008 04:32:31

A 10 yr old Congo African Grey, probably female needs a home.

She was raised from three months old and hand fed until approximately 9
months old.  She is totally comfortable (and happiest) when she is around
people.  Her weight was 436 grams when last weighed by a vet.  She says a
few words but mimics every frequent sound she hears perfectly.  She speaks
in her present guardian's voice.  She is "potty trained" in that she uses a
trash can when first removed from her cage.  She solicits playing and
cuddling (She is touched from the neck up so she has never exhibited mating
behaviors.)  This bird is loved very much, but her guardian  became ill, had
major surgery on 11/16 and finally must admit she can no longer care for her
properly.  She is a special bird and needs someone to love her.  With
interaction, I am sure she will acclimate herself to other.

She must never be wing clipped and there is an adoption fee of $300.

Anna Dove
New York Bird Club