The latest in mouse odor control

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The latest in mouse odor control

Post by Bria » Sun, 25 Mar 2007 14:12:07

See the setup in this photo:

The mouse house has been brought to approx. the lower height of the upper
window (with the fan in it). Using the cardboard of a 12 pack of soda, I
created a directing vent which sits on top of the house, directing the air
that comes out of the house top up and toward the fan. The fan is an exhaust
fan, blowing the air out of the room, and hopefully a large majority of the
mouse odor along with it, keeping the room clean smelling longer.

The sides and back of the house oave been lined with foil to keep the sun
from shining on them throughout the day. Temperatures are comfortable in the
70's/80's year round in Hawaii.

Time will tell how effective this is. I may get more cardboard and build a
better top guiding vent, the rootbeer was all I had on hand.