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Post by Beth » Mon, 22 Mar 1999 04:00:00

The SAM cage offers more ventilation that the aquarium that my gerbil is in.
The gerbil, however, is completely and totally obsessed with escape and he
has already destroyed one SAM habitat.  The mice are not so possessed and
are more content to run up and down the tubes and do miles upon miles on the
wheel.  I did remove the wire cage bottom.

What type of habitat are you using that offers better ventilation?

BTW, Ivy, sorry about the personal e-mail post.  I hit the wrong button.

>the reason SAM cages aren't a good idea is because they offer little to no
>ventilation, depending on the model. This can create a big problem, because
>mice would be constantly breathing in the fumes from their own urine. This
>cause respriatory problems, which mice are especially prone to. Wire cages
>covered floors and ramps are your best bet (the reason i say covered ramps
>well as floors is because I've had 2 mice get caught on the ramps, break a
>and die).
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