Where is Afterburner when we need him?

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Where is Afterburner when we need him?

Post by Teste » Thu, 13 Dec 2007 07:12:56 open socks4 proxy was used on 28 November for a
Hipcrime attack on nanae. And I got the port number by Googling so it
must have been open and was probably abused before that date.

It was used late North American Monday for a Hipcrime attack on
24hoursupport.helpdesk and the same open proxy was still there Tuesday
at 2990 GMT.

At one time, RCN (formerly Erols) had the famous Afterburner on its
abuse desk. Now, it seems to have Dave Null.

Remember - go to RCN for your net-abuse needs. You put up a phishing
page? It will still be up on Valentine Day. You can get Giganews with
only IP authentication through RCN.

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