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Post by Anne Marfis » Sun, 27 Dec 1998 04:00:00

    Meece had her babies on X-Mas eve's eve. I  looked in on her at about
6:30P.M. and noticed that she was in labor. So I got a dark towel and placed
it over her cage, and then went downstairs to 'let nature take it's course'.
I went upstairs about 45 min. later, and found 2 babies in the corner, and
Meece having more. I went and got my mom, and there were 3 kittens. At about
7:30 P.M., Meece was done, and there were 4.

    OK, here's the problem: I didn't see Meece feeding the babies. Mouse, my
other female, was***ing the babies, but she didn't have any milk. I
thought that they might still have nutrients in their body, so I didn't
worry about it *too* much. But at about  9:00 P.M. I looked in, and one baby
had died. To my horror, Meece went over, and ate the dead kitten. I thought
to myself 'Well, I soppose that kitten was deformed or something, and would
have died anyway' Well, my mom made me go to bed then, and the next morning
when I woke up, there were no babies in the tank. I searched thouroghly, but
apparently Meece had eaten the remaining 3.

What I *think* happened--
1) Meece didn't know how to feed the babies
2) The kittens died
3) Meece ate the protien she had worked so hard to make

Does anyone have any suggestions? Is there anything I could have done
differently? Please reply or E-Mail.

-Anne, Mouse, Meece, Z
and their sad, sad mousery

P.S. On a lighter note--I am giving myy brother who's B-Day is tomarrow, a
mouse of his choice from PETsMART. I will take complete care of it, and he
will name it.

P.P.S. I will try again. 'If at first you don't succeed, try,try, again!'



Post by Ivys Li » Sun, 27 Dec 1998 04:00:00

wow, that sounds odd! well, first of all, I'm sorry about your babies, i know
you were e***d!
as far as i know, this is *not* a normal period of birth, especially for only 4
baby-eating isnt as common as you might think. if she actually ate the babies,
it might have been because she felt threatened (noises, smells, possibly the
other mouse in the cage) of she felt that there wasn't sufficient space, food
or water to raise the young. There is also the possibility that the other mouse
killed the babies.
Since she took so long to give birth, there is a chance that something was
wrong with the babies. How long was she pregnant for? was she a small mouse?
Sometimes, but rarely, the mother doesnt produce milk in time for birth. this
also might be a possibility.
The only other thing i can think of is maybe the other mouse "stole" the
babies. I know rats sometimes do this, but i dont know about mice.
I'm sorry i'm not of much help. I cant think of anything else!
And the many mice, 3 rats

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