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New rodents

Post by Faux_Pseud » Sun, 11 Nov 2007 13:12:32

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I have been a hamster owner for almost 10 years now.
Bahrain the hamster was running in her wheel one day and dead the
next. She lived her two years which is about par for a dwarf
hamster. So for a few days I have had to sit next to 4 empty cages
because she was the last of the hamsters.

Now I got home today and 5824 had a box on the floor and the cats were
looking a little wild. They smelled something in that box. Mari said
it was a gift for them. I couldn't figure out why they wouldn't be in
the bathroom the way they were sniffing that box. Did she really buy a
mouse and feed it to the cats? I wouldn't put it past her and we had
talked about it passing the past. But she said the box was them and I
had a gift too. I am not normally a good gift receiver but I looked
forward to anything that could make the cats look farrell beasts had
to be a good gift.
Ladies and dudes I bring you Benazir and Bhutto.

I decided to keep the same naming scheme for these mice that I used on
hamsters so they are named after someone in the news today. Even
better is that they are both female just like Benazir Bhutto.

Anyone here have any hints for a former hamster owner who now has
mice?  How much peanut butter are they alowed per day/week?  I know
they like dried meal worms.  Whats the max amount they should get of
those?  With hamsters too many sunflower/pumpkin seeds can cause
problems.  Whats the limit for mice?  Hamsters are prone to
diabeteis though I have never had one get it.  Is there a risk of this
with mice?

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