Mouse Community As Living Cartoon

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Mouse Community As Living Cartoon

Post by Michael Pla » Thu, 24 Jun 1999 04:00:00


Maybe this should be called, "As Long As It Makes Them Happy":

I rip strips of paper towel and white napkins (serviets, that is) and drop
them into the mouse tank.  They almost immediately start gathering this
stuff for nesting.  Here's what I saw, I swear:  Humper comes to the pile
of strips, grabs one, runs to the opposite end of the tank, carefully and
quickly places the strip, and then runs back for another repeating the
process.  Meanwhile, Fleet O'Foot runs over to the strip of paper towel
that Humper placed and runs across the tank to where she thinks the nest
should be.  Both mice continue this process, passing one another on the
way.  Humper begins to caniblize Fleet's "nest," which is canibilized from
Hump's.  They can keep this up for many minutes, passing one another en
route, and never realize what's happening.  

No wonder they keep me amused for hours on end.

Hey, guys, what about my "whisker" question?  What about my wet food
question?  Maybe nobody knows.





Brooklyn, USA