Poison mouse - Micro mouse story

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Poison mouse - Micro mouse story

Post by Coco Savag » Fri, 21 Aug 1998 04:00:00

First off, I wanted to thank those of you who have responded to me either on
the base here or in E-mail to my last question, I appreciate it.

Anyway, I have a humorous story to relate about my mouse. I live in a
townhouse where the block is kind of family-oriented. There's about five or
six kids ranging from 1 year old to about 6 years old who come close to our
place quite often. One day, one of the kids who was about 3 years old saw my
mouse in my hand and came up to me. I said "Hello" to him and asked him what
he thought of the mouse when I noticed him staring at it. There was a pause
for about 15 seconds when I asked him that. He then said, "I think it's a
poison mouse".  I chuckled at said back to him, "No, no, it's not a poison
mouse".    He then looked at me and said, "I really think it is a poison
mouse" and then ran off into his house.

Well, I paused for a moment and said to myself, "There's definitely
potential for that idea".   I then told my dad what had happened and he
laughed. He then agreed that we would spread the word to the rest of the
kids that there was a "poison mouse" living at our place.

No need for that though, as it turned out. Word was out. The younger kids
firmly believed that it was true and we confirmed their beliefs. The older
ones said, "Yeah sure".

As the days went by, we noticed the kids playing in the tree outside of our
place, a practice which we don't like. We tried to pursuade them to get out
of the tree for good, but they would always be back. So, my dad thought of
something. He said to them one day, "There's a micro-mouse in that tree".

"What micro-mouse?" they asked. My dad then responded, "A micro-mouse is one
that you can't see!"   They stopped dead in their tracks when he said that,
got out of the tree, picked up their coats and ran inside their houses. They
haven't been in the tree since.

A couple of months has gone by since then. The belief that a poison mouse
still exists was in question until a couple of days ago when I happened to
be looking out the door and saw one of the 3-year-old kids while I had the
mouse.  I greeting him by saying, "Micro-mouse, do you want to see a mouse?"
He cautiously said "Yes" and I came outside. I said to him, "This is a
combination of a micro-mouse and a poison mouse".    "Micro mouse? Poison
mouse?" he responded. I said yes, and then he kind of backed off. The rest
of the conversation as short as it was went good, but I noticed that I have
re-affirmed with the kids around here that such mice exist.  Well, after
all, you can't deny something that you can see, right?  <grin>

There is some confusion as to how to define a micro-mouse amongst the kids
now, which is the intended effect.  I hope they remember all this when they
grow older.  It has provided some good laughs for us and amongst the parents
of these kids who. The parents go along with it, too. We're even asked by
the parents sometimes, "Have you seen any micro-mice lately?"   And we would
put up a response which is plausible to the kids in the yard.

Anyway, hope you enjoyed the story
Edmonton, Alberta