More Mice Questions, New Owner!

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More Mice Questions, New Owner!

Post by Lisa Kle » Thu, 18 Sep 1997 04:00:00

Well, since you've been so helpful this far, I'll just ask all my
questions here! :)  I've come to the conclusion that the people in the pet
stores don't know what they're talking about and only want to sell stuff.


1. What is the best type of bedding to use?  I heard that wood shavings
(pine and cedar) give off toxic fumes to the mice?

2. What is the best food to make the mice thrive?

And just a note:

We've had our mice for about a month now.  Out here in Northern California
we've had a horrible infestation of ants this year.  One thing we've
noticed is that the ants don't seem to get into the plastic cages anywhere
near as much as they get into the wire cages or glass aquariums.  The ants
just don't seem interested in the plastic whatsoever.

At Petco they've recently started selling a certain kind of plastic cage
that's actually meant for reptiles.  It's larger than the rodent cages,
but shorter.   It costs less by about 3 dollars dependant on size, and
there is more floorspace for the mice to run around in.  Plus, the bugs
don't get in :)

Just thought I'd share!